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Tuesday, November 25

Thanksgiving Is Coming, My Babies~

Hailey, Trinity, Patience, Preston...
Hello to each of you!  I just heard that you guys had great grampa and gramma over for your own Thanksgiving dinner...and I saw all the delicious food on your table.  OH MY GOODNESS...Yummy food, including that amazing dessert!!!  Wowwy zowwy!

Boy oh boy, you have a new fireplace!  And you sure needed it last week.  Did you play out in all that snow?  Did Preston go out, too?  And now all that snow is gone?  Wowwy zowwy again!

We are all good down here.  Joshie, your cousin, turned one and I know Preston will be turning one on Jan. 14th!  Not too long from now.

What will you guys be doing on the actual Thanksgiving day?  Mommy cooked so much today that I am wondering what you'll do then!  Are you going to your other gramma's house?  Please take pictures for me, ok?

I thought I'd send you a photo of a bird we have here in Texas that you do NOT have in Buffalo...isn't it beautiful?  Look at all the colors on his wings.  I believe this is the boy bird  because God designed the boys to protect the girls and when predators see the daddy and mommy together, they would be more interested in him because he's so beautiful.  Also, the male bird is larger than his wife.  Below is a picture of the pair of them...

...see?  She's not so pretty.

Well, I am going to say goodbye...Hailey keep making videos!  I love them.  Get Daddy to help you.

Enjoy your family.  I wish we were there with you to eat a bird together...but not the birds above...there's no meat on them!


Wednesday, October 29

Dear Girls And Preston,

Hi.  How are you?
Will you please forgive me for not writing you letters like I used to.  (Well, back when I wrote, there were only three girls!)

So, I see from your mom's texts, that you have new furniture.  Do you like it?
I REALLY enjoyed the videos of you girls at the park, swinging on the park toys.  Wow~!  Triny, you amaze me!
Hailey, your quilt is so very beautiful.  I can't wait to hear about what happens when you give it to that girl with cancer.  I'm sure she will just love it.

Patience, how do you like the new office?  Do you do your school in there, too?

Preston, you are becoming such a big boy...and you're such a happy boy!
Ok, everyone, give mommy a kiss for me and hug daddy really hard.

I love you guys.

P.S.-Here are some snapshots from our trip in June that you may not have seen yet.

Monday, January 9

Happy New Year, girls!

Oh, how are you, my darlings?  I miss talking to you on Skype!  Papa has the laptop with him, so that's why we haven't seen each other this week!
I absolutely LOVE the pictures you sent me this week!  You three are so funny.  Just like your daddy and mommy!
So, have you been able to play in the snow?
Let me tell you what happened today...
A HAWK FLEW DOWN AND WAS TRYING TO EAT ONE OF OUR HENS!  It was awful.  Caleb went out to see the girls and saw what looked like something white in the chicken yard. When, all of a sudden, a hawk flew away up into a tree in the next yard.  The poor chicken was just laying on her back.  He immediately picked her up and brought her into the house.  She was alive, but gasping for air.  She was very messed up with a lot of feathers falling out everywhere.  But the boys prayed for her right then and then they put a blanket on her to keep her warm and held her for a long time.
They used a dropper and put water down her throat and then she was able to swallow and began breathing better.  Caleb was so angry, he rode his bike really fast to Josh's house and got some bee bees to shoot that hawk that was still sitting in the tree!!!  He said he never rode his bike that fast before in his whole life!
She is doing better and I think the shock has worn off.  We cleaned her wounds tonite and the put medicine on the spots that were hurt.  We believe she will be ok.  And I am so happy for that. 
The hawk flew away and they kept the hens in their house for the rest of the day.  Charity is out there with her sisters now sleeping and we'll put more medicine on her tomorrow.

In other news, Papa is coming home from Florida tomorrow morning.  He's been there learning how to be a really great actor so he can tell the people who make movies about Jesus and so he can act in movies, too!  He is an amazing papa! 

We cannot wait to see you guys this spring. 

You heard that Josh is going to marry Carrissa and then you will have new cousins again!  Kyler and Keira!  You are sure to come here for the wedding in September and we'll go to Sea World and play in the water, like we did last time you came.  Ok???

Well, I must head to bed because today was a good, but long and tiring day. 

God is good and He loves you three so very much.
How grateful I am to Daddy God for giving me such beautiful grandchildren and for my five amazing children...that would be your mom, Josh, Dan, Isaac and Caleb.

Tell mommy to give you all kisses and hugs for me!

Forever your gramma.

Monday, September 19

Dearest Girls...

Oh, my sweet baby girls!  How are all three of you today?  What have you been up to lately?
Hailey, how is school going?  I absolutely loved the colorful pictures that you sent me!  You have quite an eye for color.  Keep sending me your works of art, as well as your handwriting papers. 
I just visited, "Hailey's Miracle Blog" but there is nothing new!  Please write me a story of Patience or an adventure about Trinity!~
Triny, gramma loves you.  Please color me a picture, too!  Remember, to do your best to love and obey daddy and mommy, ok?
Patience, how gramma longs to hold you in her arms!  You are getting way too big and you look just like your older sisters!  Wow, you have two big sisters to teach you things and share things with!~
Well, I must get back to school with Isaac and Caleb now!  Isaac wants to do an 'edible' science class, 'chewy brownies'!!!
Write me soon,
Forever your gramma.

Oh, I have great news.  It rained here last nite!  And I mean REALLY rained!  I opened the windows and listened to the little frogs rejoicing all night long.  If only we could catch one of them for you to see!  But they're tiny and they blend in with the tree colors! I caught this of the rain that came down the day before.  That rain didn't last long enough to even really water anything, but last night's rain was amazing and the lightning gave us quite a show!

Saturday, June 11

Summer is here! Is it there?

Hello, my sweet girls.
How are you on this beautiful Sat. morning?  How is mommy and daddy? 

I miss you!  Right now I am listening to the Scripture online...tell mommy she can listen here:
So, what have you been up to?  Is your church doing Vacation Bible School this year?  We are all doing something, and Caleb is in two skits!  He's very excited and has the lead male role!~!  I, of course, am the photographer!

Caleb just asked me to go over his lines with him, so I will sign off for now and send a pix for you to enjoy~
Papa loves you three!~

Forever your gramma,

Wednesday, May 11

I love it, Hailey!!!

OH, my sweet girl, Hailey Daune!  I absolutely LOVE MY PICTURE YOU COLORED AND SENT ME!~
How are you?  Are you playing outside now that it's warming up outside? 
Mommy told me about your new friend that lives right down the road from you!  How awesome and exciting to have another friend.
Did I ever tell you that I have a friend in the state of Kentucky named Lisa?  She was your mommy's friend, too and taught her to cook because she, Lisa, loves to cook!  Ask mommy about that.  You can look on the map for the state of Kentucky and mommy can tell you how she grew up there and went to school there, too. 
I have another friend that lives in NY named Diane and she, too, loves to cook.  I am glad I have friends that like to cook.  That makes me want to cook for fun.  I only cook to feed everyone here, including grampa and the funny papa and meme.  I would rather play in the dirt.  How about you?
How is Patience?  Mommy told me that she is getting her teeth!  Does she cry a lot?  Does mommy put medicine on her gums to make her feel better?  Kiss her for me.
How is Trinity?  Is she helping you with chores? 
I love you and am going to send you that dress, ok? 
Forever your gramma.

Wednesday, April 27

It's Wednesday, girls...

Good day, my sweet girls!  How are you today?  What have you been up to?  How is school going, Hailey?  What books are you reading now?  Have you been coloring me any pages?  Have I told you that I LOVE WHEN YOU SEND ME PICTURES YOU'VE COLORED?  I really do...I'm making them into a book!
Trinity, how is Patience?  Are you teaching her to talk yet?  Do you help mommy cook and clean?  Are you loving your chickens?  Do they let you hold them?  Are you coloring pictures with Hailey?  Would you color a page for gramma? 
Patience, gramma loves you so much.  You are a gift to Hailey, Triny, mommy and daddy.  You are protected from all evil by the blood of Jesus.
Well, girls, I have been thinking about you a lot and wanted to say hello in a letter.
Write gramma back when mommy can sit down and tell me what you are saying, ok?
Forever your gramma.

A flower for you's from The Garden of my back yard, remember, Hailey?  Your hand prints are there, too.  I love that part of you is here with me.  I miss you very much.  Kiss mommy, daddy, Triny and Patience for me, ok?  Kisses to you, too, from me.

Our latest visit together~!

Our girls, plus some...


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